Hysterical, Romance of Prabowo and Titiek Really Makes Chinese Entrepreneurs Baper

Prabowo Subianto. At the gala dinner in Hayam Wuruk, Central Jakarta, Candidate for President number 2, Prabowo Subianto and his ex-wife, Titiek Soeharto made a baper of hundreds of Indonesian Chinese businessmen on Friday, December 7, 2018 night.

The incident began when Prabowo was asked to sing by the program guide after giving a speech. The request was echoed by hundreds of entrepreneurs who wanted to get to know more closely the Chairperson of the Gerindra Party.

"If I sing, I can't. You can run away from everything here, "Prabowo said jokingly.

"But if you sing. There is Mrs. Titiek, she can sing, "Prabowo said, greeted by cheers from the audience.

When he realized his name was called by Prabowo, Titiek, who was wearing a red kebaya, looked surprised. Visitors and program guides were no less excited. They were busy asking Titiek to come to the stage to approach Prabowo to sing together.

With a big smile and a bit shy, finally the Working Party politician moved from his seat to the stage.

Then the visitors were made bored and hysterical when they watched Titiek stare at each other and smile at Prabowo who was waiting for him on stage. While approaching the program guide, Titiek asked an organ player to accompany him to sing.

Apparently, the daughter of the 2nd President of the Republic of Indonesia, Soeharto sang a Mandarin song with great melodies and made visitors return hysterical. In fact, the crowd of visitors increasingly rose when he saw Titiek singing while approaching Prabowo who looked elegant with a black suit and a red tie he wore.

Then, when Titiek finished his singing very well, a big round of applause from the visitors filled the meeting room. In fact, many of them stood up from their seats and captured the moment with their cellphones.

"I did not expect, Mrs. Titiek can sing Mandarin. This is the right sound, "said one Medan businessman who was present at the event.

Meanwhile, in addition to Prabowo and Titiek, Prabowo's younger brother Hashim Djojohadikusumo and his son Aryo Djojohadikusumo were also present. As well as the wife of Sandiaga Uno, Nur Asia Uno and her in-laws, Mien Uno. And there is also the Prabowo-Sandi economic team, Fuad Bawazier and musician Ahmad Dhani and Gerindra expert board member Maher Algadri.


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