Prabowo Obtains Prayers from the Habaibs at the Haul Habib Ali Event

Prabowo Subianto. Prayers from the habaib for the Indonesian Presidential Coalition Adil Makmur, Prabowo Subianto, when attending the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet Muhammad and the Haul Habib Ali Bin Abdurrahman Al Habsyi (Habib Ali Kwitang) which took place at Jl. Kwitang, Central Jakarta. Also present were various Habibs from all regions in Indonesia and also from the Middle East.

The arrival of the number 02 presidential candidate was welcomed by Habib Ali and thousands of worshipers who attended the event. no exception Habib Ali bin Abdurrahman bin Muhammad Al Habsyi who was a direct descendant of Habib Ali Bin Abdurrahman Al Habsyi.

"Having been present with us our national figure Prabowo Subianto, he is also a friend of our father and his father is a friend of our grandfather," said Habib Ali who welcomed the arrival of Prabowo Subianto.

On that occasion, Habib Ali helped Prabowo so that the struggle and aspirations to defend the interests of the people and the people of Indonesia deviated the ease and convenience of Allah SWT.

"Hopefully his arrival also brings a lot of goodness, facilitated by all the struggles he received from the blessing of Allah SWT, blessed by Allah SWT, facilitated all his affairs, conveyed all good ideals," Habib Ali said in his prayer for Presidential Candidate number 2 that is.

And also Habib Ali did not forget to pray for all the pilgrims who came in the event as well as all the people in Indonesia.

"And all of us present here may Allah convey all our desires, hajat the world facilitated by Allah Almighty, the purpose of the Hereafter is given forgiveness by Allah SWT. let's allow it together, "said Habib Ali.

Prabowo who attended the event looked solemn when singing the prayer and also guaranteed the prayers offered by dozens of Habib who were present at the event. Prabowo expressed his respect and gratitude to the management of the Ta'lim assembly Habib Ali Al Habsyi Kwitang for being invited to the event, while talking with Habib Ali and other Habaibs who had come to the event.

"Thank you Habib for inviting me and my entourage to attend the commemoration of the Birthday of the Prophet and the Haul Habib Kwitang," said Prabowo.


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