Prabowo Receives Aspirations From Persons with Disabilities To Be Able To Contribute To The Country

Prabowo Subianto. Tuesday (4/12/18) Presidential Candidate for the Indonesian Coalition Adil Makmur, Prabowo Subianto accepts the presence of persons with disabilities at his residence Jl Kertanegara IV, Kebayoran Baru, South Jakarta. On this occasion, persons with disabilities apart from being in hospitality, they also expressed their aspirations so that persons with disabilities could contribute to the country.

Eka Setiawan, Chair of the Indonesian Disability Community expressed her aspirations as an input to the Presidential Candidate number 02, Prabowo Subianto, people with disabilities want the law number 8 of 2016 on Disabled Persons to be effectively implemented. The way to make a Government Regulation.

"Just short about what Mr. (Prabowo) did when later if he became president the answer was the key word. I will partner with people with disabilities to invite disability to realize it," Eka said on that occasion.

"We actually translated not support but gave input. We came here to give homework to him, "he said.

"He did not promise, he ate when we were ready, this meeting will continue which will provide input to him gradually," explained the Chairperson of the Disability community.

Persons with disabilities expect the state to make a National Disability Commission. The goal, so that people with disabilities can easily access all professions in their respective fields, and can be included in state policy decisions.

"Friends, try to open the 8-year Constitution 16 that is general stipulation number 20, the minister in question is a social field, meaning we are placed only on social affairs even though talking about Disability is not a social problem but can we not become entrepreneurs? he explained.

Sudaryono, the General Director of the Gerindra Party DPP on the occasion also said that the Gerindra Party was one of the initiators who initiated the 2016 Disability Law. According to him, this indicated that Prabowo really cared. Prabowo also wants to invite disabled people to become partners of the government if elected as President.

"So, this activity is a gathering activity and indeed Mr. Prabowo and all his family have also been fostering associations with fellow colleagues since long time ago it is not based on momentary political interests, this awareness has been around for a long time," explained the Vice-General Gerindra.


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