Reactions And Comments From Sandiaga Uno Regarding Togetherness of Prabowo Subianto And Titiek Soeharto

Prabowo Subianto. When visiting refugees in Lombok, NTT on Wednesday (5/9/2018), the activities of the prospective presidential candidate Prabowo Subianto became a conversation on social media.

Why not, the General Chairperson of Gerindra to Lombok is not alone. But with his ex-wife, Titiek Soeharto.

While Sandiaga Uno, Prabowo's assistant in the 2019 Presidential Election, was pleased to see the togetherness of Prabowo and Titiek. "I commented both of them to Lombok just like that," said Sandiaga in Duren Sawit area, East Jakarta, Wednesday (05/09/2018).

Known through an Instagram account, Prabowo uploaded photos while in a refugee camp. "The earthquake victim gathering at Guntur Macan Village, West Lombok," Prabowo wrote quoted from his Instagram, @prabowo, Wednesday (05/09/2018).

At that time Prabowo appeared to be standing in the middle of the tent surrounded by local residents. He wore a white top, brown pants and black cap.

Prabowo is not alone. Titiek Soeharto accompanied him.

The daughter of Republic of Indonesia's second president Soeharto uploaded a few moments while on Lombok. There are around three-four photos uploaded on the Instagram account @ tytsoeharto on Wednesday (5/9/2018).

The first photo uploaded by Titiek was Prabowo who was greeting a refugee in a green tent.

Photos uploaded with a short caption showing their activities in Lombok.

"#Lombokbangkit" wrote Titiek Soeharto.

Titiek did not forget to add photos when he was gathering with small children and women around the refugee camp.

He did not hesitate to embrace the refugees while showing his thumb to the camera. The last one uploaded by Titiek was a picture next to a car.

Titiek wears a red batik shirt complete with an orange veil. Behind him was Prabowo's figure.

Next to Prabowo was another large man wearing a blue shirt with a black inner and brown pants.

Prabowo in the photo seemed to hold the man's shoulder and smiled at him. The four photos uploaded by Titiek Soeharto on Instagram were successfully flooded with many comments.

Not a few of the netizens praised the togetherness of Prabowo and Titiek even though they were divorced.

Others support Prabowo to continue to advance in the 2019 Presidential Election.

However, it turned out that the last photo uploaded by Titiek was the one that received the most comments


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