Support for Passwords to Reach the Rising Sun Country

Prabowo Subianto. Indonesia is currently ahead of the 2019 Presidential Election (Pilpres). And this is not only felt by people in Indonesia who are in the country but also to the people of Indonesia who are in Japan, they also express their choices through various kinds way.

Hundreds of Indonesian citizens from various regions of Japan declare the Indonesian Indigenous Network (Japri) Japanese representative on Sunday 2 December 2018 at Nagoya Castle in Aichi Province, Japan. This voluntary organization determines its political choice to the candidate pair of President and candidate Vice President number 02, Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Salahudin Uno.

The Indonesian Indigenous Network Secretary or Japri in short, Subhan Masuku, said that the implementation of the 2019 Presidential and Vice Presidential Elections (Pilpres) was a strategic agenda in the process of determining the future of the nation and state. This has become the momentum for national leadership selection.

"The democratic system as the best choice among existing choices is expected to be able to give birth to a national leadership that is trustworthy, solutive and integrated and able to restore state sovereignty in accordance with the 1945 Constitution," said the Japanese representative of the Indonesian Indigenous Network (Japri).

Subhan added, determined to fight to win pair number 02 Prabowo-Sandi as President and Vice President 2019 to 2024

"Optimistic, God willing, Indonesia will be better. The combination of a firm and intelligent partner, "he added.

He also ensured, the steps taken by Japri to represent Japan to prioritize aspects of the delivery of the vision and mission as well as the work program of the pair Prabowo Subianto and Sandiaga Uno peacefully and avoid the black campaign.

"We avoid black campaigns, insults and slander that just don't educate. "It even has the potential to cause social friction among the nation's children," explained Subhan.

Japri's representative in Japan based in the city of Ono in Hyogo province has a regional coordinator almost in all provinces in Japan.

On another occasion, Makmur Lubis, Chairperson of the 2019 Election Overseas Committee (PPLN), wished that Indonesian citizens residing in Japan would try to maintain the atmosphere of the election which is tentative and prioritizes unity.

"The Indonesian people in Japan must maintain peace," said the Chairperson of PPLN.

About 2/3 of the 46,000 Indonesians living in the Indonesian Embassy in Tokyo and the Indonesian Consulate in Osaka, Japan are Indonesian citizens who fulfill the requirements as voters.


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